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Student Got Selected in National Volleyball Championship

Recent Achievement

Atma Malik students' achievements in the grand marathon competition at Kopargaon.

Selection of two Students for National Volleyball Championship

Atma Malik Students Selected for National Sport

About Sport School

Sports in Atma Malik Dhyanpeeth Trust makes to conquer fears in which students prove themselves & play with pride,where they also taste victory and leave their dreams,In sports game taught them to take up the challenge and face them in true spirit,where they live the mark,prove something that’s limitless.

Sports make them to see and do thing differently,Sports pushes human race forword and we see generous in every sense.

Sports taught them to fight the taughest with confdence and courage the also learn to accept defeats,where they become leaders with true sportmanship,where they dare to dream makes waves and choose to go high.

In sometime winning is everithing,as we learn to take stand,trust our instincts.




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