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बातमी नं. १

बातमीची माहिती

बातमी नं. 2

बातमीची माहिती

आमचे ध्येय

Om Gurudev English Medium Gurukul (Regular), Kokamthan, the school which is the part of Om Gurudev English Medium Gurukul, which has come into reinforce from the academic year 2012- 13 with the holy blessings of Sadguru Om Gurudev and under the able guidance of Vishatmak Jangli Maharaj Ashram Trust. The school is established to provide the student international School’s facilities and integrated syllabus. Through this school we propose to provide wide variety of education to bring the holistic as well as all round development of a child along with the spiritual atmosphere. The school is based on broader outlook towards the life that goes beyond the limits of textbook, and touches all the aspects of a child`s personality and overall development which will contribute to build their better future…!

Om Gurudev English Medium Gurukul, (Day Scholar & Integrated)Thought to think over“Progress fis impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”- George Bernard Shaw